Desde 1983 haciendo historia empresarial y sostenibilidad, como innovadores en la recuperación y transformación del PET, para la creación de productos altamente funcionales  y revolucionarios.
ACEBRI S.A.S Construcción y Procesos Plásticos
Parque Industrial Tecplas, Bodega 11
Barrio El Lucero, 250040, Mosquera-Colombia
PBX: +(571) 8941001 FAX: +(571) 8937860 

Under Lamipet® brand, ACEBRI produces a plastic sheet film by PET recycled, designed especially for barrier protection that requires the flowers while its transportation to the final destination.


  • Avoid moisture in flowers

  • Provide foliage protection

  • Greater resistance when transporting

  • Store flowers

  • Best cost-benefit ratio

  • Variety in colors

Today, the largest flowers crops in Colombia and Ecuador trust in Acebri such as main packaging supplier.


Innovators in the amber color* 



To produce Acebri’s plastic sheet film, we have two extrusion lines of last technology able to produce an average of 180 Tons/month. We can cover the additional demand of product during the Valentine and Mothers season. We have different cuts station and micro-perforated stations of plastic sheet, which allow us to manufacture several references simultaneously.