Desde 1983 haciendo historia empresarial y sostenibilidad, como innovadores en la recuperación y transformación del PET, para la creación de productos altamente funcionales  y revolucionarios.
ACEBRI S.A.S Construcción y Procesos Plásticos
Parque Industrial Tecplas, Bodega 11
Barrio El Lucero, 250040, Mosquera-Colombia
PBX: +(571) 8941001 FAX: +(571) 8937860 

We provide innovative solutions for industry 

ACEBRI S.A.S. it is an Colombian enterprise focused in make investments in construction and industrial transformation of plastic belonging form recycling into finished goods.

With high-tech machinery and high leveled personnel, and process management under ISO 9001 standards, ACEBRI guarantee the quality of its work. The company has an international vision that has allowed to achieve new markets worldwide.

In each of its products and services provided by ACEBRI, is there implied the commitment of sostenibility and conservation with the enviroment and social investment with our community and our country.