Desde 1983 haciendo historia empresarial y sostenibilidad, como innovadores en la recuperación y transformación del PET, para la creación de productos altamente funcionales  y revolucionarios.
ACEBRI S.A.S Construcción y Procesos Plásticos
Parque Industrial Tecplas, Bodega 11
Barrio El Lucero, 250040, Mosquera-Colombia
PBX: +(571) 8941001 FAX: +(571) 8937860 

Under the Eckofibras® brand, Acebri sells Brooms and Brushes bristle in PET. Theses bristle have a good memory, stiffness, roundness, uniformity of gauge, as well as excellent resistance to heat and wear.

We currently supply renowned broom manufacturers in several Latin American countries.

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To produce Acebri’s bristle, we have two extrusion lines, one of them is the most modern machine in Colombia, with the capacity to produce 200kls/h. In total, both lines can produce 250 tons per month. This process in 100% automated, only in the last process the operator interfere to cut and packaged the product, allowing us to ensure quality and productivity in all our process.