Desde 1983 haciendo historia empresarial y sostenibilidad, como innovadores en la recuperación y transformación del PET, para la creación de productos altamente funcionales  y revolucionarios.
ACEBRI S.A.S Construcción y Procesos Plásticos
Parque Industrial Tecplas, Bodega 11
Barrio El Lucero, 250040, Mosquera-Colombia
PBX: +(571) 8941001 FAX: +(571) 8937860 

¿Who are we?

We are leaders in PET plastic recycled collection and transformation and invest constantly in the improvement of internal process, innovation and development, knowledge, technology and in the construction of differentiating projects; Besides we are committed with security and health of all workers fulfilling with the current legal regulations.


ACEBRI S.A.S is today the leading company in recovery and transformation by extrusion of recycled PET of difficult recovery throughout a complex process that achieves use the 100% of this raw material. On the above one of the greatest positive environmental impacts is generated in the Colombian plastic sector. Thanks to our technology, we produce innovative products and with a high-quality standard that contributes to the business development of the country and generates value to shareholders, and stakeholders.


For the year 2023 ACEBRI S.A.S will be the Colombian leading company in the production of PET plastic sheet films for roses packaged, thermoformed packaging for the poultry sector, brooms and brushes bristle and synthetic reinforcement fiber, being recognized such as socially responsible organization, innovative and committed to the environment.

Corporate values

Continuous Improvement

We manage the performance of the organization through the Integrated Management system

Environmental Commitment

We controlled significantly the product’s standards to prevent pollution. 


We optimize the resources that guarantee the good performance of the system.


We created awareness and culture of auto-protection against risks and disease prevention.


We used our knowledge to create and improve our products and process, getting successful inside of the market.