Desde 1983 haciendo historia empresarial y sostenibilidad, como innovadores en la recuperación y transformación del PET, para la creación de productos altamente funcionales  y revolucionarios.
ACEBRI S.A.S Construcción y Procesos Plásticos
Parque Industrial Tecplas, Bodega 11
Barrio El Lucero, 250040, Mosquera-Colombia
PBX: +(571) 8941001 FAX: +(571) 8937860 

¿Who are we?

Currently we are leaders in the extrusion of sheets for thermoforming and packaging of flowers; fibers for brushes and reinforcement of concrete; and in the future thermoformed packaging and ropes for brooms from the recovery and transformation of post-consumer PET, investing permanently in technology, innovation and development, committed to the safety and health of all its workers and care for the environment, as well as developing differentiating projects in the construction sector.


ACEBRI S.A.S is today an organization dedicated to the transformation of plastic manufacturing products such as sheets for thermoforming and packaging for flowers, fibers for brooms and concrete reinforcement, thermoformed packaging and plastic ends for the cleaning sector among others, with permanent projection of new products since the company permanently invests in technology, research and development focused on the use of raw materials recovered from different origins in order to provide new knowledge for the plastics sector, generate positive environmental impacts, welfare to its employees, customer satisfaction, value to shareholders and stakeholders, has the appropriate infrastructure and committed and competent staff. ACEBRI also participates in the construction of civil works.


By the year 2024, ACEBRI S.A.S will be a leading company in Colombia in the manufacture of fibers for brushes and reinforcement of concrete, sheets for flowers, egg cases and plastic ropes for brooms, being a leader in the export of these products, additionally will have a good market share of other products that the company produces or sells.

Corporate values


This value is evidenced in those behaviors that meet at least two conditions, the first is to take charge of the consequences of their own acts, the second is to anticipate them, that is, prevent or avoid situations that may cause harm to themselves or to the environment. Its practice strengthens the relationships of the work team.


It is visualized as the capacity that one has to become aware of the importance that is to fulfill the development of the work within the time stipulated for it, in this case the internal and external clients.


It is perceived in the way strategies and methods are set to obtain not only the best results, but also that these results are the best in the sector.


This value is appreciated in those behaviors in which it is recognized that all people possess dignity, since they are subjects and not objects. 


Find the simplest solution and the shortest way.



It is reflected in the ability of people who have clear ideas and strive to achieve what they set out to achieve, striving to achieve the goal beyond obstacles.


It manifests itself in those behaviours that include an intention of sincerity, transparency and coherence between what is thought, said and done. It is reflected in the ability to refuse to deceive or appropriate what is alien and to accept one's own limits so as not to lie to oneself and others.


The value of discipline is manifested in the ability to act in an orderly and persevering manner to achieve the purposes outlined.


The value of loyalty is perceived in the fulfillment of what is demanded by the laws of fidelity and those of honor, is the acceptance of the norms of fidelity, honor and gratitude.


It is the value of being humble and empathetic to people, regardless of professional qualifications or recognition in the eyes of others.

The search for new methods, based on the knowledge that precedes it, in order to improve something that already exists, solve a problem or facilitate an activity.